Tranactional Email Service

Leadofy Transactional Email Services are widely being used by various societies, Associations, Corporates & Small/Medium Business to send greetings, information, alerts to group of people who are expected tp receive such communication from authority.
Email Communication / Direct email communication is one of the cost effective communication Channel. Thses are transactional in nature & differes from Promotional Email Services. Unlike Promotional Emails which are sent to bulk no of receipent who are not expecting this type of mail communication from the sending authority.
Example of Transactional Communication : Just Like Association sends information to all members in a single click, NGOs send information to their all benefeciaries in a single click

Emailer must have some informative content & product features i.e. must be convincing in the nature. Prospects go through entire information & will visit your website (Virtual Office) mentioned in the mailer & collect required information from there. Website information must be latest updated with required changes.

Leadofy Transactional eMailing Platform Features:

  • Easy to start Campaign to opted-in group of recipients
  • User Friendly web based interface.
  • Unlike Promotional emails, Delivery rate remains good in transactional emails
  • Delivery to all live recipients
  • Fast & detailed communication to group of people.

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