Email Campaign Automation

Leadofy Email Automation Communication plays vital role in Customer Acquisition, Customer retention, Generating repeat Business, Building Customer Relationship, Building Network etc. There are many methods & ways are used to do the same. Detailed sceduler is one of them, One can schdule its campaign to auto process at a given time. It means It is triggered automatically at a set time & date.

There are many formulas & options are there to set campiagn for better & effcetive email communication. Threr are some Methods Like Drip Email Communication, It is very effective & set for auto triggered after applying some set of rules to group of audiences.


Emailer must have some informative content & product features i.e. must be convincing in the nature. Prospects go through entire information & will visit your website (Virtual Office) mentioned in the mailer & collect required information from there. Website information must be latest updated with required changes.

Leadofy Email Automation Communication Features:

  • Customised Scheduler to triger email campaign
  • User Friendly web based interface.
  • Multiple campaigns can be scheduled at a time
  • Delivery to all live recipients
  • Drip Marketing Method for effective & meaningful email communication

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