OTP & API Email Service

OTP & API Leadofy Email Service has been used by many of our customers to send One Time Password (OTP) & most important alerts from third party appliaction. These kind of alerts are based on triger action on activities of third party application.

This integration with Third party Application such as ERP, CRM, PMS, ZOHO, SAP, Quick book, Marg etc.. is done with the help of API. Developer APIs are available with Ledaofy mails & can be integarted by any software development guy.

This comminication is highly confidential & of high priority emails & must be delivered with extra care to avoid delay in delivery. .


Emailer must have some informative content & product features i.e. must be convincing in the nature. Prospects go through entire information & will visit your website (Virtual Office) mentioned in the mailer & collect required information from there. Website information must be latest updated with required changes.

Leadofy OTP & API Mail Features:

  • Deliver with extra care & high priority
  • User Friendly Application programing interface (API).
  • Can be integrated with any third party application
  • Delivery to all live recipients
  • Fast Delivery

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