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Business Partner   |   Sales Partner   |   Startup Partner   |   Referral

Become Business Partner – Company or Individual / Digital Business Transformation Expert

Borg Suite invites Channel / Business partners who will work as a Branch Office from lead generation to successful implementation. We believe in long-term relationships with our partners. Borg Suite has been known for being the best choice of SMEs & providing opportunities to micro & small enterprises across India & abroad to start their own venture with no investment.

Become a part of the fast-growing Team of Borg Suite’s partners & earn up to 45% of product sales along with many rewards from the company. We are bound to provide a dedicated Account Manager for a single point of contact along with online direct access to the support team.

Borg Suite’s Business partners will get industry-leading Integrated Business applications as well as tools, training & Support from Goodpick Borg.


Become Sales Partner – Company or Individual / Working sales professional who can work Part Time or Spare Time

BorgSuite’s Sales Partner works as a sales company or individual who helps BorgSuite to expand its Partner’s Network in India. Sales Partner is an integral part of the company’s sales team.

Borg Suite’s Sales Partner will get industry-leading Integrated Business Application as well as tools, training & Support from Goodpick Borg.


Become a Startup Partner – Accelerators, Incubators, and Early-stage VCs

Borg Suite’s Startup Partner Program is for accelerators, incubators, and early-stage VCs who want to help their startups grow by giving them access to Borg Suite at a startup-friendly cost.


Become Referral– Company or Individual

BorgSuite’s Referral works as a presale company or individual who introduces BorgSuite to customers & escalates the same to Goodpick Borg Team for further closing & implementation. Borg Referral can earn up to 10% of the total sale Invoice.

Borg Suite’s Referral will get industry-leading Integrated Business Application as well as tools, training & Support from Goodpick Borg.


Borg Suite Software has achieved various milestones has become the first company in launching such Cost-effective, complete Business Optimization & Revenue Generator software to ensure guaranteed business automation with exponential growth in the business revenue.

Borg Suite offers market competitive Prices & timely service delivery. We have successfully built a huge network of our channel partners.


We welcome interested channel / Business partners/Referral/Sales Partner-

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